The Go testing package supports creating unit test in go. Your test code is written in plain go, there is not a new assert language or syntax to learn. You write go code, and then Fail or Error out to signal the test did not pass.

To write a new test created a test file, ending in _test.go which includes functions with the following signature: func TestXxx(*testing.T)

Note: The function name must start with Test and include a capitalized second part which is used to identify the test routing.

For example, if you want to test an Add function in your project:

Create add_test.go:

package main

import "testing"

func TestAdd(t *testing.T) {
    sum := Add(1, 1)
    if sum != 2 {
       t.Errorf("Expected %d => Received %d", 2, sum)

Run test using: go test