Rookery Alpha Test


An API Test Tool

Rookery is a tool to make it easy for developers to test their REST API endpoints. It is a desktop app which you can run locally to test your services, be it a local dev instance, staging server or your production environment.

To use Rookery, you specify your tests using the JSON definition for your API endpoints. Hopefully you have an API or service you want to test, otherwise this may not be an interesting tool for you.

Currently in alpha and only built for Mac.
Download: Rookery-0.1.2-mac.tar.gz

Rookery Screenshot

Getting Started

In Rookery, you specify the tests directory containing .json tests. It will load all tests within all json files. You can have multiple tests in a single file and multiple files in the tests directory.

You can download this file to see multiple tests in a file: rookery-test.json


Rookery is built using Node Webkit and Angular JS.
Source at:

Known Issues / TBD Features

  • A syntax error in a json test file can cause app to crash
  • Response validates only status code, validating values are TBD
  • Tests changed on disk, while app open will not get refreshed